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Fashion For The Cure @ The Smashbox With Diane Von Furstenberg, Ford Models & Unite Eurotherapy At The Helm

When Michael Haase invited me a few weeks ago to document this event I knew I was in for a treat.  Not only is Michael’s work in a class of its own, but he had the support of a brilliant and super down-to-earth team from Unite Eurotherapy.   I shot for Michael back in February during LA’s fashion week, but this event was much different from your average fashion show.   Fashion for The Cure gathered for it’s 8th year of raising awareness and funds for breast cancer research and early detection programs.  And it exceeded my expectations in every way. Aside from the sheer elegance and caliber of talent involved the fact that this fashion soiree had a beautiful cause at its heart made it unlike any fashion event I attended. The breast cancer survivors played a big part in the show… complete with styling and having a special dress from the collection fitted for their catwalk moment.  There was enough pink around for you to skip the blush and even the “red-carpet” received an appropriate layer of fuchsia.  What a special, special night…



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